Upgrade Yourself And Play A Bigger Game!

The Most Comprehensive Nutrition Program For High Achieving Women Who Want To Maximize Their Health, Abilities And Life Experience.

You have one body to take you through this life, and lots of important things to accomplish! You need to possess vibrant health in order to be your best and live your life to the fullest.

Food is a HUGE piece of a healthy lifestyle, and our food supply is complicated and lacks transparency. You deserve to know exactly what you are eating so you can be in control!

Maximize Your Potential With Customized Nutrition Includes:

~8 Weeks Of Comprehensive Content To Read Or Listen To

~Weekly Implementation Strategies To Put Your Knowledge Into Immediate Action

~An Introductory Conference With Me To Get Clear On Your Goals

~ Step By Step Learning That Simplifies The Process Of Upgrading What You Eat

~Ongoing Access To Me To Get Your Questions Answered

~Pop Up Classes, As Needed, For Clarity and Support

~My Favorite Tried & True Recipes

~These Bonuses:

Finding Healthy & Sustainable Seafood

 Food Storage: Keeping Toxins Out Of Your Food

More Resources That “Have Your Back”

Your health is your most valuable asset and maximizing and protecting it is essential and priceless.

In order for you to have success, you must do the work.

As with anything worthwhile, it will require your time and effort to move through the program and implement what you learn. I can't create results for you, and I can't guarantee your specific results by law and common sense. But I can guarantee that this is the most comprehensive program to provide what you need to implement a truly healthy eating plan and know how to protect yourself from the dangers in our food supply.  If you don't agree, or if you don't love the program for any reason, just let me know and I’ll give you a 100% refund.

I invite you to email me at elaine@designyourhealthylife.com if you have any questions. 



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