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You don't have to be highly skilled or love to cook to prepare simple, healthy meals for yourself and your family. But you do need inspiration and some tried and true recipes to properly plan what you want to prepare and eat each week. Unless you can afford a private chef, you need to spend some time in your kitchen preparing healthy and delicious options so that you always have something on hand or ready to whip up when hunger strikes! 

I've experimented with so many different food and meal options in the years of my own healing process, and have compiled my favorite recipes for you. I've made each of these countless times, and they've been approved by my family members as well. And when I find new recipes that I love, I'll update this program and notify you that there are new options ready and waiting for you. 

If at any time you decide to purchase Eat, Nourish and Shine: Planning, Purchasing and Loving the Right Foods for your Body, you can apply the full cost of the recipes only section towards your purchase. Use coupon code RECIPES during the checkout process. 

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Wishing you happy, healthy, delicious eating!!

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